Toddlers need space and opportunity to gain independence and to build self-help skills.  We provide an environment where toddlers have access to their belongings and space for active play.  In our toddler classrooms, children are developing language skills and gaining positive social and emotional skills.  

Our toddler classroom and curriculum are designed to give the children:

  • Easy access to play materials

  • Time for active play, inside and outside

  • Hands on experiences

  • Learning through exploration and discovery

Early Head Start

In addition to our traditional early education toddler program, we offer Early Head Start services for infants and toddlers.  In partnership with Educational Service District 112, we offer a program which supports the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development of each child.  Early Head Start includes:

  • Developmentally appropriate education services

  • Home visits

  • Parent education and parent-child activities

  • Complete health and mental health services

  • High quality child care services